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Full-Stack JavaScript Immersive Bootcamp

Real Project Work

You will write, test, and deploy code everyday.

The first step to being a valuable team member is being individually valuable. You will build multiple entire full-stack software projects during the 12 week program. On your own.

Many bootcamps focus on paired programming to give students a false sense of accomplishment, and ease the number of questions their teachers have to answer - hoping you will get an answer from your code partner. Not here.

Software development is a meritocracy and you need to be ready to write code and solve problems on your own when you enter the job market. We will help you get there.

100% Graduate Hiring Rate

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Four students are exempt from these numbers for the following reasons: medical emergencies, no intent to search for a job, or they started their own company.
Alex Sewell

“Graduating from OC|CS and taking a coding bootcamp has changed my life. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Software Developer at Red Blue Media
Alex Sewell

“Graduating from OC|CS and taking a coding bootcamp has changed my life. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Software Developer at Red Blue Media
Duke Gallo

“Orange County Code School changed my life.”

Software Developer at Patriot Media
Michael Wheeler

"I made a lot of sacrifices for what I consider to be the most important aspects in my life to attend this course, and it was worth every minute."

Software Developer at Dealer Socket
Kenton Kotsiris

“This isn’t just a program, this is a life altering career changing mission you’ll be embarking on, and as such, it requires your 100% dedication and attention.”

Software Developer at McGraw-Hill Education
Kenneth Emanuel

“During those 3 months I've learned more than I ever thought possible.”

Software Developer at Brandify
Jeffrey Berry

“Ron is an excellent instructor and his experience in the field massively increases his effectiveness as a software development instructor.”

Software Developer at Sony Gaikai
Joshua Warnock

"Since you learn something new everyday the class continues to be fun and challenging."

Software Developer at Myers-Stevens & Toohey
Aaron Markle

"Within a month of graduating, I have landed my first ever development position at a great company in Orange County."

Software Developer at SeedCMS
Natalia Modiano

"I came into the class knowing close to nothing and was able to get a job in less than a month after it was over."

Software Developer at Creative Recreation
Juan Alvarado

"If you're serious about learning to code and getting a job, OC|CS is for you."

Software Developer at Blue Stone Global
Arun Gopal

"OC|CS is a fantastic school with a proven track record of success and being able to teach students how to code"

Software Developer at Retention Sciences
Edward Dong

"Even CTOs of various companies agree that the content taught at this school is favorable. They were impressed at what we were learning"

Software Developer at CloudCompli
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